Lyme Disease, Infection, Chronic Illness,
Auto-immune Disease & Hormone Imbalance

Dr. Denise De Monte is a licensed Naturopathic physician practicing in Vernon, British Columbia. Her practice focus is hormone imbalance, auto-immune disease and chronic illness, in particular Lyme disease and infection in which she has a vested personal interest.

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Dr. Denise De Monte, ND

Dr. De Monte is a licensed naturopathic physician treating patients with natural medicines and prescription medications.

Recovery from Lyme Disease

Dr. De Monte utilizes a multifaceted approach that combats Lyme bacteria and coinfections, and supports immune system function and detoxification.

Balancing Hormones

With extensive clinical experience over the past 20 years, Dr. De Monte has successfully treated thousands of women for hormone conditions.

Important information for Patients

Dr. De Monte has written over 60 published articles.  Lyme disease, chronic illness and hormones are featured.

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